Published - 2017 Fitting instructions and information on special tools required for Gates Stretch Fit Belts

Tech news

In the first quarter of 2017, we launched our service under the motto "We make it easy to get it right". The service has been designed for workshops / mechanics and focuses on spare parts that have been proven to require special attention during fitting. is by definition an ongoing process, now 16 of Gates' stretch-fit belts are also covered by, due to the requirement of the using special tools when mounting them.

This is how it works
Spare parts that require special attention during assembly are marked with a clear sticker on the packaging. On the label there is a red warning triangle and underneath a website address - - and a QR code. When the QR code is scanned, it leads directly to the website. On the Home screen, type the article number that you can read from the label. It will then display all information, such as mounting information or special tools that you need to utilize for this specific product.

An example of this is # 8640 601090SF for PSA 1.4 and 1.6 HDI engines (2005-2007). Here it is necessary to use the special tool 8640 SFT001 and fit the belt in a specific order on the belt tensioner and pulleys. 

There are relatively few - and very often it’s the same spare parts within a product group - that make up most of the complaints. The causes of the complaints are typically divided into two main categories: one that can be influenced and one that is very hard to influence.

The first category, which is easy to influence (but unfortunately accounts for the clear majority of the reasons why claims are being declined) are parts where either special attention or the use of special tools must be taken into account when fitting the part. But here we can do something together - the mechanic, the wholesaler and Triscan - and that is precisely the goal of

The last category that is difficult to deal with is parts that are badly designed by automakers. Since Triscan delivers spare parts in OE quality, parts that fall within this category will usually have the same weaknesses as the car manufacturers' own aftermarket parts and be known by the workshops. This does not apply to spare parts where it is possible to make improvements without changing the basic design. Examples of parts improved by Triscan are water pumps where the seal and bearings have been reworked or track control arms where the rubber bushings have been improved.