Published - 2018 addresses problems related to the mounting of wheel bearings

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About one and a half years ago, we launched our new concept The purpose of is to make mechanics aware of special conditions that are important during assembly to ensure trouble-free operation. We are not talking about generalities here, but only about specific circumstances, which we know from our warranty-claims-statistics are often overlooked.  


One of the latest refers to version 2.1. wheel bearing for VAG, Ford, Mazda and Volvo. We have seen many examples of warranty claims that turned out to be due to incorrect installation. Specifically, these problems were caused by failing to use special tools. Special tools are required to ensure proper disassembly and especially installation of these wheel bearings. This is essential to avoid damaging the bearing. 


Version 2.1. wheel bearing for VAG, Ford, Mazda and Volvo


Damaged wheel bearing where no special tool was used


By scanning the QR code on the wheel bearing box and then entering the part number on the box label, you get access to useful information. Including which special tools to use, how to use the individual tools - and what to pay particular attention to.


Try it yourself: Go to and enter 8530 67105. Here you will also find a link to a step by step installation video: 



Product coordinator Lars Berthelsen with wheel bearing special tools


Does have the desired effect? Our experience clearly shows that making an active effort to draw attention to specific problems related to installation, makes a direct, measurable effect in the amount of incoming warranty-claims.


How many products are marked with the label?
The purpose of the concept is not to create as many as possible. The aim is to highlight only those products where unusual details are to be considered, where additional effort is required to ensure a faultless installation - and thus to avoid complications. Since the introduction of the concept more than 200 products of the following product groups have been marked with labels:

  • Wheel bearings, wheel bearing kits, wheel hubs
  • Micro-V belts and kits
  • Timing belt kits - with / without water pump
  • Pulleys, belt tensioner
  • Handbrake cables
  • Calipers
  • Ignition coils
  • EGR-valves
  • Thermostats
  • Water pumps
  • Steering racks
  • ABS sensors

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Good service and complete repairs give satisfied workshop customers
The concept could be described as helping people to help themselves. The sooner one "catches" a problem, the "cheaper" it will be for the car owner, the workshop, the wholesaler and Triscan. This holds true in terms of time, concerned mental state and not least of economics. In other words, we make it easy to get it right.